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For Chainsaws

Stihl Files and HandleStihl Files and HandleSharpening files and handlefrom £1.25More
Stihl HP 2-Stroke Engine OilStihl HP 2-Stroke Engine Oil2-stroke engine oilfrom £1.96More
SynthPlus Chain OilSynthPlus Chain OilSemi-synthetic chain lubricantfrom £5.00More
Stihl Multi-Purpose GreaseStihl Multi-Purpose GreaseFor lubrication of gears on Stihl hedge trimmers and electric chainsawsfrom £8.00More
Stihl Special CleanerStihl Special CleanerMulti-purpose cleaning spray for any machinefrom £9.50More
Stihl Resin SolventStihl Resin SolventSpray on cleaning agent for cutting machinery.from £16.75More
Stihl Chainsaw ChainsStihl Chainsaw ChainsAll pre-packed chains for Stihl chainsawsfrom £19.36More
Stihl Filing KitStihl Filing KitStihl filing kit to help make sharpening your saw easy.from £22.00More
Stihl Chainsaw Carry BagStihl Chainsaw Carry BagStorage Bag for Chainsaws 18" or shorterfrom £33.00More
Stihl Chainsaw GlovesStihl Chainsaw GlovesStandard, comfortable chainsaw protection gloves.from £35.00More
Stihl Combination Fuel/Oil CanisterStihl Combination Fuel/Oil CanisterTwin canister for fuel and chain oil - orange or transparent.from £35.50More
Stihl Chainsaw Guide BarsStihl Chainsaw Guide BarsGuide bars for your Stihl chainsawfrom £39.00More
Stihl Wooden SawhorseStihl Wooden SawhorseLightweight Stihl wooden sawhorsefrom £43.50More
Stihl Metal SawhorseStihl Metal SawhorseRobust metal sawhorsefrom £85.00More
Stihl Function Universal TrousersStihl Function Universal TrousersProtective Stihl chainsaw trousers, essential for any chainsaw user.from £85.00More
Stihl Ranger Leather Chainsaw BootsStihl Ranger Leather Chainsaw BootsProtective chainsaw boots, essential for any chainsaw user.from £155.00More

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