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Stihl Battery Machines

Stihl Battery ChargersStihl Battery ChargersStandard and quick chargers for your Stihl batteriesfrom £36.00More
Stihl HSA 45 Cordless HedgetrimmerStihl HSA 45 Cordless HedgetrimmerLightweight Cordless Hedgetrimmerfrom £99.00More
Stihl FSA 45 Cordless StrimmerStihl FSA 45 Cordless StrimmerLightweight Cordless Strimmerfrom £99.00More
Stihl BGA 45 Cordless BlowerStihl BGA 45 Cordless BlowerLightweight Cordless Blowerfrom £99.00More
Stihl BatteriesStihl BatteriesPowerful lithium-ion batteries to power your Stihl battery machinesfrom £105.00More
Stihl FSA 65 StrimmerStihl FSA 65 StrimmerLightweight cordless battery strimmerfrom £210.00More
Stihl HSA 86 HedgetrimmerStihl HSA 86 HedgetrimmerPowerful battery hedge trimmer with 25" barfrom £225.00More
Stihl FSA 85 StrimmerStihl FSA 85 StrimmerPowerful battery powered strimmerfrom £230.00More
Stihl HSA 66 Hedge CutterStihl HSA 66 Hedge CutterLightweight and powerful battery hedge trimmerfrom £240.00More
Stihl BGA 85 BlowerStihl BGA 85 BlowerLight and powerful cordless battery blowerfrom £250.00More
Stihl MSA 160 C-BQ ChainsawStihl MSA 160 C-BQ ChainsawLightweight battery powered chainsawfrom £260.00More
Stihl HLA 65Stihl HLA 65Lightweight long-reach battery hedge trimmerfrom £285.00More
Stihl MSA 200 C-BQ ChainsawStihl MSA 200 C-BQ ChainsawGreater torque battery powered Stihl chainsawfrom £300.00More

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